Friday, 28 March 2014

Birthday Girl!!!

Sooo, now I am 14. Today was my birthday!!
For the first time in forever, there'll be music there'll be liiiiight   a few years, I had a birthday party.
So I thought that maybe you'd be interested in finding out a bit about it:

Location - Live Steamers. These are pretty much super fun mini trains (steam and diesel) that you can ride on. This made the party idea super childlike, i.e. great. Below is a picture of me on a train, and here's a pic of a train itself.
Me (left) and my cousin
A train being prepared for driving.
Invitations - Following the theme of childishness, we made the invitations a colouring competition! A picture of Thomas that Tank engine to be coloured in.

Food - 
The cake - Here is the link to the recipe we used. Is it possible to have anything cuter than a fairy bread      cake? Probs not.
  • These biscuits - we did 100s and 1000s, choc chip and ginger.
  • Chocolate brownies. That's pretty much the recipe I used, but I got it from the actual DK kids cookbook.
  • Fairy bread!!!
  • Strawberry and marshmallow skewers.
  • Fairy cakes (grandma made these)
  • Sandwiches (cucumber!!!)
Party bags -
What's a party without party bags?
So I had to craft some party bags pretty quickly. What I did was I grabbed some brown paper bags and in permanent marker wrote the name in a pretty font, a cake/present/train and a thank you message. Ended up looking really effective.

1 regret - I should have had a pizza piñata :(

OK, hope you have fun with these suggestions,



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