Thursday, 22 May 2014

An Abundance of Birthdays.

I haven't posted for a while thanks to school work and laziness. I am very sorry for that. However! I have a post for you today. My 2 sisters were born on the same day, 6 years apart. Recently they turned 12 and 6. So, as you may be able to imagine, it is kind of hectic buying/making them presents.

I spent the night before their birthday making Ingrid (the 6yr old) hair clips by attaching these fabric flowers to hair clips, and wrapping Anna's present (one of these, which I won in  a giveaway from here).
And then I realised I didn't have any cards. Or any time to make some. So here is my 'recipe' for a really, really easy card that you can make with very little, and left over wrapping paper.

What you'll need:

-Split pin, scissors, pen, glue, wrapping paper, card/paper.

What to do:
Fold the card in half/quarters so it looks like an actual card.
Fold an A4 size piece of wrapping paper into eighths
(although it doesn't really matter, there will just be more layers
per fold and it will be harder to cut)

Make another of the quarter flowers and stack them together/
Pin it in the middle with the split pin.
Pinch the layers together

It will look like this when the flower is finished.

Glue the flower to the card.

Write "Happy Birthday" or another
message, glue it to the wrapping paper,then, to give
  the card some dimension, attach it with double-sided tape.

Another thing I have quite enjoyed in my laziness is Erik Johannson's photography.
The photos are often perplexing and Escher-esque:

Many are funny or absurdist:

Or just plain good:

I'm going to stop recommending links now and let you go discover stuff for yourself.

Anyway, I will probably post more frequently in a few weeks, I can't wait :)
Thanks for reading, and bye for now,


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